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I am so fortunate to have found entertainment as my career. The love that I feel for this chosen profession is due to the love and dedication I witnessed in those who inspired me to make this my career and they never even knew it.
Too often we can turn off our creative minds. These outages of brain power are due directly (in my opinion) to our self image, how much we earn, what do we drive. How we live our life day to day, what habits define us.

This may be what society tells us but know we are more than a dollar amount or a fancy car or a house in a hill with a splendid view. We can change our outlook by looking in ward and finding the most honest place to inform ourselves we want change. And what we want to change. There needn't be any gnashing of the teeth. Disruption is change and the only consistency we seem to have in life is change. So embrace the change.

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